Bulging Disc and How Massage Can Help, written by The Massage Education Guide, www.massage-education.com

Bulging Disc is a common problem and can cause neck, back, hip, arm or leg pain. Sometimes, if nerves are also inflamed, the pain (and often numbness or tingling) can radiate down the arms or legs.

Also referred to as a herniated disc, a pinched nerve, a ruptured disc or a slipped disc, it can be extremely painful. A bulging or herniation happens because the material between spinal bones begins to protrude out beyond the bone, putting pressure on the nerves along the spine. Studies show that over 90% of all cases of this condition begin at the base of the spine and lower back. Some symptoms may include inability to move the big toe or major pain on the top of the foot. In the majority of cases, surgery is not required for disc pain.

In addition to massage therapy, we recommend the Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table w/ Bonus Acupressure Nodes & Lumbar Bridge, which helps relieve pain by lengthening muscles in the back, helping the spine to realign itself and decompress discs to reduce pressure on nerves. The table actually flexes as you stretch, and locks in place to allow easy exercise for toning abdominal muscles, legs and glutes. Massage treatment options often will depend on the extent of the protrusion and pain level of the patient. Although massage is never going to correct the herniated disc, it will often help reduce pain.

Combining massage therapy and inversion for a bulging disc Massage increases circulation to an injury, thereby, providing much needed oxygen and nutrients to the area. The more oxygen and nutrients, the faster healing takes place. Also, to reduce pain, the therapist may use warm or cold massage stones to relax the muscles around the disc, and to allow the therapist to release deeper muscles. Then, inversion helps to relieve pain and lengthen the muscles, creating much-needed space between discs, allowing increased oxygen and nutrients from massage to begin the healing process…naturally.

Other Resources Age-well.org has a great page on herniated-discs giving detailed information about this problem, with some non-conventional, but effective treatments, links to unique tips and lots of free gifts for you to try. Learn more about herniated disc pain at Lower Back Pain Answers http://www.lower-back-pain-answers.com/herniated-disc.html#axzz33IO6VgY7