Massage Therapy For Pain and Whiplash

Do you have neck pain and whiplash? Or were you involved in an accident, especially a rear end collision? If you neck was jerked in a car crash or fall, your muscles tightened to prevent the motion, often causing damage to tendons and ligaments including tears. In worse cases there can be injuries to your discs and nerves. Neck pain is characterized by spasms, headaches, shoulder pain and back pain. These symptoms can come days after an accident.

Massage therapy is very effective in releasing the tightness in your tissue and ligaments so they can heal. As tension is released, your muscles can begin to repair. You’ll soon enjoy a greater range of motion, more muscle strength and removal of pain and headaches. Massage therapy also aids your tissues ability to process oxygen and nutrients, so you heal faster. Slowed circulation is what causes swelling and headaches. After a massage your immune system is stimulated so natural pain killers are released to help speed your recovery.

After an accident, a portion of your muscle knots. And by directly massaging these knots, your muscle releases giving you the relief you want. If you are experiencing neck pain or whiplash symptoms, contact a massage therapist of health care professional.

Most people suffer from low back pain at some point. Often the pain will go away in a matter of weeks. But in some cases the pain can be severe and never seem to go away.

Your lower back is an elaborate space where joints, disks, vertebrae, ligaments, muscles and nerve tissue come together to allow you your mobility.

Your low back pain can come as a result of lifting or bending the wrong way, sitting too long in a bad position, carrying heavy stuff, and stress due to muscle tension from extreme activity.

Massage therapy for pain has proven to be an effective back pain treatment. By applying hands on pressure to your muscles, you will begin to heal and the pain will go away.

In some cases, the pain can radiate down your legs and this symptom is known as sciatica. The cause is what is commonly known as a slipped disc where your sciatic nerve becomes pinched.

Relief for sciatica can be found in massage therapy, where muscle spasms are broken apart so oxygen and nutrients can flow to the affected area and healing can begin. The massage also relaxes your muscles while lengthening them so tension subsides.

And to prevent your back pain and sciatica from returning, you will be taught helpful strengthening and stretching techniques you can do at home.