Postural habits start forming from the beginning of life and continue untill we die. The neuroplasticity of the brain allows us to not only learn new patterns but also to change the ones we already have. This is exciting news because it means we have control of our habits and can choose to keep the ones that serve us well and change the ones that dont.
Psychologist Knight Dunlap writes, “The process of learning is the formation of a habit”
which he defines further as “a way of living that has been learned”.

As we develop body awareness, we begin to recognize that some of our habits are healthy whereas others are not. Bad habits are harmful to our health, to others and to the pursuits of our goals. Good habits promote good health, aid us in achieving our goals and can contribute to the well-being of others.
As you become more mindful of your postural habits, you become aware of how your habits regulate the way you move and express yourself.

Postural habits are patterns of movement that we repeat, often without realising we are doing it. For example, the way we move when we walk, how we stand etc. Most of our postures are habitual, we transfer posture to posture within each task we do or environment we are in.

Becoming aware of your postural habits is the first step to maintaining good body mechanics in everything you do…

Stand as if you are talking to a friend and take note of the following;
Are you standing evenly on both legs? or not?
Are you bearing more weight on one hip?
Are your shoulders relaxed?
Are you crossing your arms?
Are your hands in your pockets?
Are you tilting your head?
How is your breathing? shallow,? Deep?

Be aware of these patterns regularly and shake your self off to improve your posture. Good posture equals happier muscles and much improved well being.

Lastly, as I always say… the key to happy healthy muscles is
*Good hydration,
*Accurate and regular stretching, followed by
*A professional massage every few weeks

For further information on postural awareness and massage therapy please contact me;
Clare Corcoran

Snippets from Massage and Bodywork magazine.