Ive heard many times people speaking of massage and it seems that they know only of Sports massage and Swedish massage. There are so many different types of massage therapy out there, many different techniques and approaches to treating ailments. You need to be in tune of how each form of massage can best help you. Here I will explain the difference between sports massage and Remedial/clinical massage.

As I’ve said before, each treatment you have should be taylor made to you on the day automatically making it ‘remedial’. The most important element of massage is that you feel comfortable and able to calm your mind so that you can relax, that being said your muscles will in turn relax with you. Therefore the therapist must work with the muscles and encourage them to release and loosen, ridding congestion and encouraging the circulation.

Remedial/Clinical massage offers many very similar techniques to Sports massage which are specific and focussed on the muscle or muscle group that needs treating.

Sports massage is very straight forward and uses very strong pressure to almost shock the muscles into releasing. This can be a very effective form of treatment… providing you can handle it!

Remedial/clinical massage using the same type of techniques works slowly through each layer of muscle, providing you the time to relax and feel the pressure slowly increasing within your pain threshold. The therapist will be very precise about the pressure and will ask you how it feels so they can work with you knowing that you are comfortable whilst feeling the benefit. This is where the ‘good pain’ factor comes in.
So make sure you ask for the right thing!

Remember to listen to your body and work with, don’t force it!