Why Massage Therapists deserve more recognition within the Health care system

In my opinion, good,highly trained massage therapists genuinely care about their clients.
They want you to get better properly and as quickly as possible

They will discuss in detail with you the most appropriate treatment plan to help you get the results you want.

They will demonstrate to you appropriate stretches and exercises and ensure you are performing the stretches correctly to further improve your recovery.

They will encourage you to have regular massage treatments for maintenance and prevention every 4/6 weeks. If you need a session every week initially, depending on the injury,this will be suggested also.

They will try to teach you about how to listen to your body, this allows you to understand the signs your body is giving you, preventing you from getting run down. You will then be able to manage your pain more efficiently rather than depending on a treatment.

In closing a great Massage Therapist will help you in every way they are ethically allowed. They will not diagnose.
They will use various soft tissue techniques:
Myofascial Release
Trigger Point Therapy
All superficial and deep specific (if accurately trained) massage techniques
Passive and active stretching.

They will help you feel relaxed and comfortable and be completely professional at all times.

Hydration, Stretching and Massage equals healthy happy muscles!

Clare Corcoran LMT
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