Massage Treatments

Clare Corcoran Clinical Massage

Clinical Massage

Focused intense work for treating specific soft tissue problem areas of injury. Trigger point therapy, soft tissue release and myofascial release are all used for improvement your condition. The massage with the ‘Good Pain’ factor!

Clare Corcoran Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm massage using slow, broad strokes and deep pressure allowing blood and oxygen to circulate more efficiently. This treatment works on deeper layers of muscle releasing toxins from the soft tissues and eliminating congestion.

Clare Corcoran Pregnancy Massage

pregnancy masssage

Ideal from 3 months to delivery day! Carried out in an ergonomic massage chair or in a side lying position on the massage couch with our body cushion support system. This massage focuses on those areas under the most pressure during pregnancy offering a well deserved break to the body.